Wow Sela, a new account, no followers, commenting on Harvey’s behalf – I expected a more sophisticated approach to debunking his critics.

If you are posting on behalf of Harvey – as I believe you may be – then maybe you have met him. And if you have met him, did you not notice the darkness and anger that dwells beneath the surface of that man.

I’ve met a lot of different people from all walks of life and Harvey stands out among them as one of the most creepy people I have ever met. I even moved seats so I wouldn’t have to sit next to him at lunch. And I’m a man, almost as big as he is and with more martial arts training.

I can completely understand how a woman would see acquiescence and negotiation as the safest escape route from his clutches. And I understand how she can fee like she wears the taint of the meeting like a secret tattoo – because I just spent a few hours with the man, in company, fully clothed and I still feel something, nearly 20 years later.

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I’m a writer and publisher working in Sydney, Australia and London, UK. I specialise in finance, technology, insurance, property, medicine and sustainability.

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