I found myself getting indignant about this then I thought, “Wait for Helen – she’ll have a reasonable perspective.” As usual, you didn’t disappoint.

You reminded me of John Perry Barlow’s reasoning for letting people record Grateful Dead concerts: ultimately the people listening to scratchy bootleg recordings will aspire to the real thing, and when it comes to the real thing, The Dead were the only real-time source of a Grateful Dead concert, and their albums always the best recordings.

As a friend who was also a film producer said to me once, anyone can steal your ideas but only you can generate them, so you’ll always be one step ahead of them. And anyone who goes into business with the thief will show them up as soon as they ask for a change to the work. A producer knows they are always better off hiring you than someone who is always going to be a shadow of you. (Apologies to the other commenter whose work was ‘adapted’ – you really got the rough end of the pineapple there!)

Theft still hurts, though.

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